To Thistlehead Software each client is unique!

We meet with each client to establish the purpose and requirements of the web site, as well as its look and feel. We then prepare an outline and quote designed specifically for your company. 

At Thistlehead Software client  participation and input is very important to us.

Estimate for the initial site will be quoted upfront, 
based on $75.00 per hour programming fee.

  Web Site Programming
  (additional pages)
$75.00 per hour
  Web Site Maintenance
  (basic changes i.e. schedules)
$35.00 per hour
  Basic Site Storage
  (discount for advance payments)
$45.00 per month

(over the  initial 1500 MB per month)

$10.00 per 1000 MB per month
  Domain Name Registration
  (minimum 2 years - maximum 10 years)
$35.00 per name/per year
  Setup Fee Per Domain Name $35.00

Thistlehead Software feels that in order to keep a web site viable and interesting, evaluation of the web site contents should be conducted at least every six months and should include input from the client, Thistlehead staff, and any other interested parties.


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